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Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer | “What to do After a Car Accident”

(This is an excellent Auto Accident Law Article by Sara  Goldstein. This article is approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer David Slepkow)

The moments following a car accident can be chaotic, especially if the accident was serious and resulted in personal injury or death. Even minor car accidents can be highly stressful. Many people, caught up in the moment, may not be thinking clearly and could miss something important. What you say and do after a car accident can greatly impact the success of any personal injury claim you may file at a later date. Here are some suggestions on what to do following a car accident:

  • Do call for medical help and do call the police
  • Do sign an accurate police report
  • Do take down the other driver’s personal information including name, phone number, address, insurance information, anything special about the car they were driving such as its condition, and anything notable about the driver, such as appearing intoxicated or otherwise impaired
  • Do note the personal information of any eye witnesses as they may be crucial to the success of your case. If people seem hesitant to get involved, let them know your attorney will want to contact them to clarify what happened at the scene of the accident
  • Do report the accident to your insurance company providing minimal information and answering only “yes” and “no” when possible. Keep in mind that these conversations are always recorded and admitting fault or saying something else that may seem innocent at the time could hurt you down the road
  • Do contact an experienced car accident lawyer

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There are also quite a few things you don’t want to do following an accident such as:

  • Don’t admit fault—ever
  • Don’t refuse medical attention
  • Don’t communicate with the other driver’s insurance company
  • Don’t say too much to your insurance company since the conversations are recorded and something you may say can hurt you later if you file a claim against the other driver
  • Don’t argue with the police or other driver
  • Don’t threaten to sue at the scene of the accident
  • Don’t sign anything except an accurate police report that you have read over very carefully
  • Don’t wait too long to contact a car accident attorney as there are statutes of limitations on these types of cases

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It may seem pretty easy to remember all of this while you sit here and read it, but when you’re in an accident, injured, confused, and upset, your memory may not be so good. Keep in mind that an experienced, knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help you through this difficult time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is important for all drivers to know what to do in case of an accident. Laws regarding insurance and car accidents vary from state to state, so it is important to contact your insurance agent who can provide you with details on your coverage and how to proceed in a situation like a car accident. If you feel like you are not receiving adequate information, then I recommend finding a lawyer in your area that you can trust to represent you.