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Texting While Driving in Rhode Island is Dangerous | Distracted Driving

(This is an excellent Personal Injury Law Article by  Tricia Mills . This article is approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer David Slepkow)

The introduction of Apple’s new iPhone 4, is only one indicator of the rapidly growing and constantly improving market for cell phones. The number of smart phones being purchased and used in California has greatly increased, allowing users to access various applications any place at any time. Inevitably, this has lead to the increase of text messaging while performing other tasks. One such example of this growing trend: texting while driving.

In fact, this became such a common habit among drivers that as of January 1, 2009 California banned the act of text messaging while driving. Even before electronic devices are considered, automobile accidents take place every day around the country, especially in the state of California, with one of the highest number of registered vehicles in one state.

Texting creates a distraction for drivers, and leaves them at risk of incapably responding to their surroundings. In fact, some statistics conclude that texting while driving can lead to a car accidents twenty-three times more likely than if a drive her had not been texting. More over, drivers who are texting while driving are at risk of slower reaction times in the face of an accident (or a potential one). According to the January 2010 report by the National Safety Council, an estimated 30% of all automobile crashes (1.6. million) are caused by drivers talking and texting on their cell phones. This figure reveals that by simply waiting for a few moments, millions of drivers and victims could avoid collision, unnecessary car repairs, and bodily injuries.

Over the past couple years with the rise in popularity of text messaging, the law firm of Ledger & Associates has seen a dramatic increase in the repeated and devastating effects of negligent driving all over the state of California. There have been too many cases dealing with wrongful deaths and negligent drivers who have injured innocent people as a result of choosing to text while they drive. Therefore, carelessness can put drivers at fault in a personal injuries case, for lack of attention and negligence. In essence, texting while driving is inherently dangerous. Now falling under the phrase “distracted driving” in many articles, this activity is not only potentially criminal, but there are also personal injury lawsuit ramifications.

If you or a loved one are the victim of a car accident caused by a driver’s inattention, and especially while on the phone or driving, you deserve to be compensated for your sufferings, and you may need a lawyer to help you win your case.

In order to avoid this kind of incident from continuing, drivers must practice safe driving. Keeping your eyes on the road can avoid mild or severe injuries, even death, in many cases.

Tricia Mills is an online writer. She write articles of any topics. She treats her work very special as something that inspires her. It is the best way that she could express her emotions. Moreover, she really likes to write articles about the importance of a Lawyer and an Attorney to the lives of an injured victims in an accident cases and personal injuries as a result of others negligence.

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