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Providence Auto Accident Lawyer | “Rear End Collision”

This Car / Auto Accident Law Article  was authored  By Joseph Devine. This Rear End Collision Car Accident Article was approved by Rhode Island Auto Accident Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100:

One of the most common types of auto accidents is the rear-end collision. About 2.5 million of these accidents occur each year. In most accidents, the fault lies with the car that hit the back of the other car.These accidents often occur when one car is topped at a stop sign, stop light, or in traffic, while another car, for many different reasons, hits that car in the rear end. Given the degree of damage to a car’s rear end, proving these cases is often not difficult. Most often, the guilty party hits the other car for one of the following reasons:

  • The driver is distracted by a cell phone, radio, or other device.
  • The driver does not brake soon enough.
  • The driver tries to switch lanes in heavy traffic.

However, in some cases, the driver who hit the car may not be at fault. The fault may lie with another driver who caused the initial driver to swerve or lose control. Or the driver who was hit may have caused the accident by switching lanes illegally.

If a driver’s car is hit in a rear-end collision, that driver should take the following steps:

Find a safe place to stop, get out of the car, and discuss the accident with the other driver.

  • Obtain the other driver’s license and insurance information.
  • File a report with a local police department.
  • Contact a lawyer to go over the details of the case.

As a result of these accidents, the most common types of injuries are neck and back injuries, which include whiplash and damage to other tissues. Treating these injuries often requires expensive and lengthy medical care. In most cases, the injured party can sue for medical damages in these accidents.

Although these accidents tend to be straightforward, the underlying issues may be complicated. If you or anyone you know has been rear-ended, contact the San Antonio auto accident [] attorneys of Stouwie & Mayo.

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