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Personal Injury Lawyer in RI

If you have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident or  suffered Personal Injury Caused by negligence than please contact  RI Personal Injury Attorney David Slepkow.

RI Slip and fall Article:

Most premises liability cases in Rhode Island involve slip and fall accidents happening in restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores. However, a slip and fall incident can happen nearly anywhere. Typically, the custodian, manager or property owner was negligent in the building’s upkeep, repair or maintenance, which led to the accident occurrence.

Anytime an establishment invites the public to use the premises (building, parking lot and land) in Rhode island and Providence Plantations it has an obligation to provide a safe environment out of harm’s way. Any customer suffering injuries in a slip and fall accident while on the premises of the store, supermarket or restaurant likely may have a valid claim to seek financial compensation from the business.

Maintaining a Safe Premises in Providence Businesses

Statistics maintained by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) state that 55 percent of all slip and fall accidents in shopping malls, local supermarkets and restaurants with high traffic areas occur because of some hazardous condition on the floor. Every store and restaurant in Rhode island is duty bound to maintain the premises to ensure it is reasonably safe and providing protection of all visitors. The business in Cranston, Warwick or Johnston is responsible to repair, fix or barricade any unsafe condition on the property that could cause injury to others.

Common Store / Supermarket Accidents accidents in RI

Slip and fall incidences can happen for numerous reasons when the customer is visiting an establishment. There may be a dangerous accumulation of ice or snow at the store’s entryway, or a slippery floor mat that is easily tripped over. Display items might be shelved haphazardly, which could easily fall into the customer’s pathway.

Inadequate lighting might be a factor that leads to poor visibility, causing the customer to lose their footing. Poorly managed aisles, stairways and walkways might be filled with debris, wet from spilled goods or blocked with sale items, which creates an unsafe condition. Without proper action by a store employee, manager or property owner fixing the problem, the establishment may be held legally liable for the injuries the victim endured.

Common Restaurant Accidents in Newport Middletown and Tiverton

When an individual slips and falls inside or outside a restaurant in Cumberland, Lincoln or Pawtucket, they often suffer serious injury. This is because many hazards that can pop up immediately inside the restaurant, such as falling dishes full of food, crowded aisles between tables or drinks spilling on the floor. When the restaurant owner, manager, wait staff or other employees know the dangerous condition exists and neglected to make the area safer, they can be held liable for their negligence.

Legal Liability in RI

Premises liability tort common law decisions state that property owners and landowners can be held liable if negligence caused any individual to suffer injury or death on their premises. Even with liability laws in Rhode Island , slip and fall incidences in establishments continue to be a serious problem.

The CDC (Centers of Disease Control) documented over 2 million injuries of the elderly in 2010 treated at emergency rooms across the United States that were directly associated with a slip and fall incident.

Taking Legal Action

If you fall on the premises of any store, restaurant or supermarket, you should immediately seek medical attention, especially if it is difficult to move or you are experiencing severe pain. It is best to call for emergency help, or have another customer or employee place the call for you. If the injuries appear minimal, and you are still able to move about, stand up carefully and move slowly, while still seeking medical help at an emergency room or urgent care center.

Often times, injuries will appear many days after the incident. Make sure that a report is filled out with the premises manager or owner, and avoid giving any extensive statement concerning the accident to anyone other than your personal injury attorney. Your RI Slip and fall lawyer can help gather evidence, speak to your witnesses, take photographs, and file a claim or lawsuit to help you obtain financial compensation. It is very important that you retain a Rhode island Slip and Fall Attonrey to help you with your RI premises liability cause of action. A Slip and fall lawyer will help get you the compensation that you are entitled to.