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RI Car & Auto Accidents | The Minefield of Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Below you will find a very informative post by  Attorney Richard A. Schnoll, Esq. from New Jersey concerning Rental Car Insurance. This post is approved by Rhode Island Car Crash Lawyer, David Slepkow 401-437-1100

“Summer driving season is here and many of you will be renting cars for the wonderful road trip.  Here are some useful things to remember when you approach the rental counter:

1.  Liability coverage – Do I have coverage if I cause an accident ?  If you own a vehicle, the answer is probably yes.  You auto insurer in most cases will cover you for an accident caused in a rental car BUT you must check with your carrier before renting.  Some carriers have particular exclusions depending on where you are going or for what purpose your are renting the car, for example business. If you do not own a car and you have assets to protect, you can purchase liability coverage from the rental car company

2. Collision coverage – Rental car companies love to sell Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) protection.  It is very expensive, generally $10-15 dollars per day depending on the company and the type of car rented.  If you purchase that coverage and have an accident you will have no liability for the damage to the rental car regardless of fault.  If you want to save money on the CDW, you may have coverage through your own auto policy if you have collision coverage on your private vehicle.  Again check with your carrier.  Of course, you would be subject to the same deductible as for your private car.  Lastly, many credit cards provide this coverage if your rent the car using that card.  Check with your credit card company.

3.  Authorized drivers – Anyone who may drive the rental vehicle should be listed on the rental agreement, even if there is an additional fee.  If you let someone who is not on the agreement drive the car and that person gets into an accident, you may void your various coverages.”

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3 Responses to “RI Car & Auto Accidents | The Minefield of Rental Car Insurance Coverage”

  1. Do i have to get an auto insurance when i buy a used car? or else, they don’t sell the car to a person who doesn’t have an auto insurance? I currently have a lease car that will be returned this January next year. But i want to get a used car soon so that i can work on the car, but i won’t be driving it around. The car will be in my garage until i return the lease car and get an auto insurance. I live in Philadelphia, PA
    Any suggestion?

  2. Whenever adjusters have that package thing by an attorney with paperwork, pictures along with other reports and etc. How long does it normally state in the letter to respond? Do adjusters really reply by or on the date? Whenever they respond by telephone, mail, letter or fax?

  3. What is error and omissions insurance? Does it cover malpractices and errors? Is it included by default to the commercial liability policy?