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RI Auto Accident | Tips to Follow Directly After an Auto Accident

Auto Accident Article by Jeffrey Frank.

It may be surprising to know that everyday hundreds of automobile accidents take place on the roadways. They come in different varieties, single car rollovers, two car fender benders, and in extreme cases, multi-car pile ups have become common occurrences on American roads. While they may be inconvenient for the drivers stuck in the aftermath of traffic delays, the accidents are often very painful, both physically and emotionally for the drivers involved. There are some simple steps and information that can help accident victims recover after the fact.

The first step is to be prepared before a collision occurs. Very simply, be certain that you have a pad of paper and a writing implement in working condition in your vehicle’s glove box or console at all times. This simple step can help you avoid additional frustration right after an accident. Easy access to a pencil or pen and paper makes getting the important facts about the case correctly documented before the details are missed or forgotten. Another precautionary step is to keep a camera phone in your vehicle. For most this is easy as cell phones are highly common today. This allows crash victims to get detailed images of the immediate damage to the vehicles involved before they are moved to disturbed in any way. Photographic evidence can be crucial in motor vehicle cases. The final precautionary step is to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle to treat and minor injuries prior to medical help arriving at the scene.

Once a car crash has taken place, there are some very important steps to take in order to preserve your rights. The first step after the accident is to Remain Calm. Even though the adrenaline may be pumping through your system, it is more appropriate to focus on getting the proper insurance and damage information. By panicking, or losing your temper you could cause damage to a potential claim by saying or doing the wrong things. Instead, take down the information of the others involved and use your camera phone if you have one to take pictures from all different angles to immediately document the damage to the vehicles for future use. If the driver, or, any of the vehicle’s occupants are seriously injured, it is best to leave them, or to remain in the automobile until medical help arrives on the scene. Moving injured parties without the proper skills may cause the injuries to worsen unnecessarily.

The second step is to call the police and report the accident immediately. This is important for a variety of different reasons. First, a Minor Impact Soft Tissue Injury, like whiplash, cannot be pursued if there is no documentation of the accident. Another reason to consider, insurance companies may require documentation for damages in excess of certain amounts for coverage. Also if the accident is serious, alerting the police can allow authorities to work to prevent further accidents from happening depending on the particulars of a given situation. Whether that means closing a lane on the road or establishing a detour around the scene is in the best interest of the public at large.

Once the police arrive at the accident scene and take a report, double check that the appropriate information is correctly recorded in the report. This information includes names addresses, phone numbers of the drivers involved in the crash itself, and of any witnesses to the incident. Other pieces of data to collect are the make, model, year, color and if possible the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) of the autos involved. It is possible in smaller accident cases the police will not come to the scene, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and establishing a record of due diligence may still be of use in the future.

Proper preparedness and reaction can mean the difference between protecting your rights and losing your ability to be reimbursed for damages caused by a negligent third party on the roadways.

Jeffrey Frank, a seasoned San Diego personal injury attorney has been successfully representing injury victims since 1985. As an auto accident attorney Jeffrey Frank offers comprehensive legal services for victims injured in cities across Southern California by negligent third party drivers.

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