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Truck Accident Attorney in Rhode Island | Side-under Ride Collisions

This Trucking Accident Article concerning  Side- Under Ride Collisions  was authored by David S Caldwell. This Truck accident article is approved by RI Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100.

When a car gets into an accident with an 18-wheeler, the result is often nothing short of catastrophe. Due to sheer weight and size of these large trucks, cars can incur forces from collisions that are beyond the capacity of some safety systems. Depending on where a vehicle strikes a truck and what sort of clearance the bottom of the truck reaches down to, the aftermath of these accidents can leave cars totaled and drivers with severe injuries. In particular, accidents classified as under-ride collisions are extremely dangerous.

When a car the size of a sedan or coup strikes a truck, the bottom of the truck may not actually be low enough to affect the body of the car. Instead, the impact may cause the top of the vehicle to be crushed, if not cut off by the overwhelming forces involved. This gives little protection to the driver or passengers in the car, causing potentially life-threatening injuries to the neck and head.

While this type of accident is commonly associated with rear-end collisions, under-ride accidents may also be the result of a car hitting the side of a truck. Unlike the back of the truck, not all trailers include protective bars on their sides. These bars extend the bottom clearance of the truck, redirecting the damages done to the car in an under-ride accident to the body instead of the top.

Side under-ride collisions are especially common occur at night. Perhaps the most disastrous collisions occur when a truck is turning or crossing a road. These truckers may be driving properly, but the lack of visual indication on the side of the trailer makes it seem to a car driver that the road is open. As a result, the driver may continue through the road, striking the truck squarely in the side.

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