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Rhode Island Slip and Fall Attorney | Premises Liability Lawyer Article

(Here is a nice Personal Injury / Slip and Fall /  Premises Liability Law article by Robert Reeves, a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney. This Premises Liability Law Article was approved byRhode Island Slip and Fall Lawyer , David Slepkow 401-437-1100)

Los Angeles slips and fall lawyer offers there services for clients who have fallen victims of such a situation in United States. It is surprising to note that nearly 16,000 deaths are caused by slip and fall every year in this country. Apart from the deaths there are numerous injury and impairment cases. Slip and fall could be caused by a number of reasons beyond your control. In such situations a Los Angeles slips and fall lawyer might help you to claim damages.

Many slip and fall cases take place in some one else’s property. It could be a mall, a hotel, a stadium, a cinema hall, or a market place. For an accident in some other’s property you are eligible for claiming damages. To help fight your case you could appoint a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. A slip and fall is caused by the existence of hazardous or dangerous condition like slippery ground, flooring defect, insufficient lighting, or obstructions. Hazardous reasons account for over 70% slip and fall cases.


There are two main ways in which slip and fall accidents occur. Your front foot slips and you fall backwards, or your rear foot slips and you fall forward. You could also slip and fall if there are any obstacles in your path of movement. Whether you slip and fall you could get severe injuries. As and when such an accident occurs you first take medical assistance then seek a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer to file a lawsuit to claim damages.

Immediately on slip and fall, medical help should be taken. If required an ambulance or emergency transport to the nearest medical center is to be taken. Many of the injuries caused by slip and fall manifest themselves after a few days. Therefore neglecting an accidental impact must not to be ignored and careful medical attention should be taken immediately.

It is important to find out the reason of your falling or slipping. For a viable damage lawsuit, it is important to have a pictorial evidence of the site of accident. Even a photo taken on your cellular phone would suffice. Another key step is to report your slip and fall to the management of the premises if it is a mall, supermarket, store, or commercial establishment. The management must be brought to notice about the accident lest they should deny that the accident actually happened in their premises. A written record also is a vital evidence of your slip and fall accident. In case your slip and fall accident occurs in a public place getting name and contacts of witnesses should not be difficult.

After having done all these formalities the next step is to appoint a slip and fall lawyer. An experienced slip and fall lawyer would help you in filing a lawsuit for claiming compensation for damages suffered. The earlier a lawyer is retained the better for you. A prompt investigation is of primary importance for all slip and fall cases. Many of the cause of slip and fall are temporary in nature and could be rectified within a couple of days. Delay in starting of legal proceedings could remove vital evidences.

It is always advisable to engage an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer to fight for your damages.

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Robert ReevesAbout the Author:
The Reeves Law Group is a large and prominent law group specialized as a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer firm.
The firm has been in existence for over twenty-five years and even known as a prominent Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer helping thousands of injured clients. 


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