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Claims for Construction Accident Compensation

Claims for Construction Accident CompensationBecause of significant hazards, working in construction in Rhode Island can be extremely dangerous. Construction accidents in RI  and across the United States often produce catastrophic results, injuring or killing thousands of workers, laborers and contractors every year. Many of these accidents  in Rhode Island occur from neglect or recklessness because of the lack of safety programs, absent safeguards and inadequate training. In many incidences,  compensation provided by workers compensation is not substantial enough to meet the financial burdens of the injured worker or surviving family members of a worker who has died on the job.
Many of the common kinds of construction accidents in Providence cause serious injuries or death. These include:

Construction accidents in Providence

• Ineffective safety precautions and a lack of oversight
• Trench or crane accident
• Scaffold injury
• Supervisor or foreman negligence
• Unsafe acts, neglect or delays by the general contractor
• Hazardous environments that cause electrocution, electrical injuries and burns
• Traffic control issues on the job site
• Equipment rollovers, backups and “runover” accidents
• Impalement
• Dangerous and unsafe equipment accident
• Insufficient training
• Hazardous conditions including chemical spills or toxic exposure
• Falls from high places including elevator shafts or scaffolding
• Falling equipment, debris and objects
• Collapsing structure
• Hoist accident
• Nail gun injury
• Gas explosion
• Welding or cutting accidents
• Wrongful death at the job site

Claims and Lawsuits in Providence Superior Court

Construction worker suffering injuries, or surviving family members whose loved one was killed while on the job, may be entitled to receive compensation. However, Rhode Island personal injury claims and  RI wrongful death lawsuits involving construction accidents are complex. They often require the skills of a competent RI personal injury attorney. An experienced Rhode Island construction accident lawyer can help the victim and surviving family members file a claim for recompense through various means including:

Workers’ Compensation in Rhode Island – Construction workers injured on the job can file for workers compensation against their employer.  Typically, workers’ compensation only provides benefits to pay medical expenses and hospitalization along with money to pay for time away from work while healing.

Personal Injury – The injured victim can file a personal injury lawsuit or claim against any third party who might have caused the accident through recklessness, carelessness or neglect. A  Rhode Island personal injury claim might also be filed against the employer if they did not have workers compensation insurance.

Product Liability – Many  RI construction workers are injured or killed on the job through defective products and equipment. Because of that, suits may be able to be brought against other individuals or entity involved in the chain of distribution including the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, equipment rental agency or repair company.

Wrongful Death – When construction workers are killed while doing their job, surviving family members might have the legal right to file a  RI wrongful death lawsuit in Providence Superior Court  utilizing the executor of the estate on their behalf.

In many incidences, a skilled RI personal injury attorney  or Rhode Island construction accident lawyer will file multiple claims against every responsible party simultaneously.

Hiring an  East Providence Work Related Accident Attorney

Construction accidents in RI occur at an alarming rate because of the inherent dangers, hazards and risks of working on the job site. Nearly every construction site accident has the potential of causing serious personal injury or wrongful death. Typically, the only way surviving family members and victims suffering serious injuries can receive adequate compensation is to hire the skills of a Rhode Island Construction Site Accident Attorney who specializes in work site accidents.

However, it is essential to file a claim or lawsuit against all responsible parties before time expires according to the state’s statute of limitations. Your  RI lawyers can build a strong case by developing numerous theories for compensation. In addition to filing your  RI workers compensation claim, your attorneys can seek reparation from third parties including general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, equipment manufacturers, construction site developers, property owners and others.

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