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RI Personal Injury “Car Accidents Because of Drunk Driving”

This DUI / Drunk Driving Accident Article was authored by Emery Ledger. This article was reviewed and approved by Rhode Island Drunk Driving Acccident Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100:

4 out of 10 fatal car accidents take place because of drunk driving and this is a fact that is enough to scream that lives lost in these cases could be saved if only the driver was not drunk. People continue to drive under the influence of alcohol despite there being many rules and regulations that ban driving after drinking. Drunk driving is socially unacceptable, as a drunk driver is a threat to the safety of other drivers on the road. Drunk driving is risky and dangerous for the person himself, but he does not or cannot understand this. Getting behind the wheels of a car while being drunk is criminal and stricter laws for punishing those who drive under the influence of alcohol are required.

There are other aspects to the problem of car accidents due to drunk driving. These include financial as well as legal consequences. If you are a victim of drunk driving, you can sue the person who caused you injuries. This settlement covers your medical expenses, loss of income from the job, and also for the psychological and mental losses that you may have suffered because of the car accident. You must consult a car accident attorney who is a person that specializes in getting compensation to those who suffer as a result of car accident. He can prove in a court of law that drunk driver was responsible for the car accident and the resultant physical and mental loss to you. If you have lost someone close in the car accident, contacting a wrongful death attorney is better. Though it is true that getting compensation is not going to bring your beloved person back, at least you will not suffer financially and it will be a lesson for the drunk driver not to indulge in such act again. Apart from the financial slap, he stands to face charges like arrest on grounds of DUI, suspension of driver’s license, and a host of other penalties. Paying the fines is not enough; the drunk driver will always live under the guilt of having destroyed a happily living family.

Such cases of drunk driving should be highlighted by media and televised on a national level to make people aware of the far reaching consequences of drunk driving. People who drink and drive endanger the lives of other innocent drivers and shatter the dreams of many people who lose their near ones in car accidents. Alcohol has such an impact on the person that he may become oblivious of what is right and what is wrong, and may enter into a lane that is not meant for him. In some cases, drunk drivers have killed pedestrians who were walking safely and following the rules of traffic.

One has to understand that driving after drinking is not a prudent idea and it is no proof of their manliness that they can drive even after having take alcohol. Teenagers are the most susceptible group and teachers and parents must make them understand the grave consequences of drunk driving

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