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Personal Injury Attorney | “Protecting Children From Pedestrian Accidents”

Below you will find a Child Pedestrian article by David Caldwell concerning Children and Pedestrian Accidents. This Article is approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer, David Slepkow

Every parent has probably yelled out after their child to look both ways before crossing the street. Children often do not have the same perspective about the danger of passing cars and other hazards that their parents do. Children who have never driven do not always understand how dangerous a busy street can be and how much time it takes a driver to safely react to this type of situation.

It is also important for parents to know a few statistics about pedestrian accidents so that they can really protect their children from harmful situations. Clearly, the danger of a child running out into the street is always present, but there are times in which a parent must be extremely vigilant in order to keep their child safe.

Posts by Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow:

It is important for parents to think about traffic safety at all times and along every road. In fact, over 70% of pedestrian accidents occur in “everyday” situations. Nearly three of every four accidents occurs at a non-intersection point along a road and nearly the same number occur during normal and bad weather conditions. Even in the best of circumstances, pedestrian accidents can cause serious injury and may even be fatal for a child involved.

About 20% of the children between ages 5 and 9 who died in car accidents in 2008 were pedestrians. These statistics should support a parent in continuing to teach their children to be aware of the dangers of the road and of playing near traffic.

If your child has been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important that you seek justice and compensation for this incident.

Article Author: David Caldwell

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