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RI Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Lawyer | Bike & Pedestrians Collisions

This Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Law Article was reviewed and approved by Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100, This Pedestrian Accident Article was authored  By James Witherspoon.

Both cyclists and pedestrians can be responsible for a collision on the road. An irresponsible cyclist may fail to follow the rules of the road, or a pedestrian may not take care when they cross the street. Unlike car accidents, where the car itself provides a level of protection, pedestrians and cyclist’s bodies are exposed. It is almost certain that injuries will be sustained if a collision occurs between a cyclist or pedestrian and a motor vehicle.

There are several different ways a cyclist can be negligent and cause an accident. The chances for collision are exponentially increased in large cities. Walking in cities is dangerous enough without even considering the negligence of a cyclist. The most common error cyclists make is the failure to follow all the rules of the road. Sometimes bikers believe the rules do not apply to them. However, failure to adhere to the laws can have deadly consequences. Running stop lights and stop signs or riding under the influence will increase the likelihood of an accident.

Pedestrians also assume responsibility when walking on city streets and cross walks. There is a reason for “walk” and “don’t walk” signs. Failure to obey the signs can result in accidents with cars and cyclists. Jay walking is particularly dangerous. At intersections, it is likely that drivers and cyclists will be on the lookout for pedestrians crossing the streets. They will not be prepared for individuals crossing in the middle of the road. Big cities can be daunting. Getting around can be hard in congested traffic. People should always be on guard for those who are risking the safety of others.

Those individuals who cause accidents may be sued for financial damages by the victim or victims of their carelessness. Pedestrian and cyclist collisions may result in expensive medical bills for those involved, and victims may be able to secure compensation for these expenses through a personal injury lawsuit.

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By James Witherspoon

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