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Motorcycle Accidents & Severe Injuries or Wrongful Death

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous, often resulting in more severe injuries or fatalities compared to other types of accidents. Factors such as lack of protective barriers, less visibility, and the vulnerability of motorcyclists contribute to the higher risk. Here are some general trends and factors related to motorcycle accidents:

  1. Fatalities:
    • Motorcycle accidents account for a disproportionate number of traffic fatalities compared to other vehicles.
    • The fatality rate per mile traveled for motorcyclists is higher than that for passenger car occupants.
  2. Contributing Factors:
    • Speeding, alcohol use, and lack of helmet use are significant contributors to motorcycle accident fatalities.
    • Intersection-related accidents are common.
  3. Demographics:
    • Men are more likely to be involved in fatal motorcycle accidents than women.
    • The age group with the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities is often younger riders.
  4. Helmets:
    • Helmet use is a crucial factor in reducing the severity of injuries and preventing fatalities in motorcycle accidents.
    • In areas where helmet laws are in place and enforced, there tends to be a lower rate of motorcycle fatalities.

Motorcycle accident death statistics

For the most current and specific motorcycle accident death statistics, it’s recommended to check with reliable sources such as government transportation departments, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States, or similar agencies in your region. They regularly update and publish comprehensive traffic safety statistics.

Motorcycles have become a preferred mode of transport among people of all ages and even aged and females are seen driving motor bikes. Motorcycles are fast, save petrol and can be driven even in congested traffic conditions. In fact, there is a lot of saving when you drive a motorcycle as compared to when you drive your car. But it is a fact that of all accidents on road, motorcycle accidents are in a majority. The reasons of so many motorcycle accidents are not difficult to understand. The centre of gravity in motorcycles is higher than cars. This means you have to make effort to maintain balance all the time, and in case of any collision with a car, it is the motor cyclist who stands to receive severe injuries. Unlike cars, where a person has a seat belt, there is no such provision in a motorcycle and the only protective gear that motor bike drivers have is their helmets.

People choose motorcycles over cars because it gives them a sense of freedom and also the fact they can be driven easily. But when we study the car accidents that take place on highways, we find that in many of them, the accident takes place because the car driver often cannot see a fast moving motorcycle zipping past him from left side. Motorcycle accidents often involve severe injuries to the driver, and the most dangerous are the brain injuries that take place because driver may not have been wearing a safety helmet. Of all the reasons of motorcycle accidents, the most prominent is the failure of the car drivers to see or detect their presence.

Helmets have saved many a lives in the past

It has been seen that helmets have saved many a lives in the past where motorcycle accidents have taken place, and the driver survived with minor cuts and bruises. Helmets take all the impact that otherwise would have been a cause of severe head injury, even resulting in death. Some of those who do wear helmets do not fasten the straps properly thinking it to be a waste of time. The strap is meant to secure the helmet on the head tightly which saves from brain injuries in the event of an accident. Those who do not wear helmets have their own reasons for not wearing them and they are really ridiculous. What they do not realize that a little discomfort is nothing in comparison to the severe head injury which might be a cause of permanent disability for the rest of the life.

Driving motor cycle at rash speeds and not following traffic rules is another reason of collision with other cars. One has to understand that trying to race with other drivers or not allowing others to race ahead is fun as long as the roads are empty but this habit becomes costly in conditions where there is heavy traffic on road. Driving under the influence of alcohol is another major cause of motorcycle accidents. If one follows these tips and also the traffic rules, many accidents can be prevented

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