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Rhode Island Car Accidents Caused by Snow, Ice and Freezing Rain

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Some of the most treacherous driving conditions occur during the winter season when temperatures fall to freezing or below. Ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow are some of the hazards that may develop in the winter time and create slippery roads. Drivers who are completing a normally easy commute to work, the grocery store, or picking their kids up from school may suddenly find themselves losing control of their vehicle. Knowing some key warnings and safety tips may help to reduce your chances of a bad weather accident.

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Warnings to Heed

Ice is an especially difficult condition to negotiate on the roads. Snow and sleet often appear white and can be easily seen on the road in patches, but ice can freeze as a clear sheet and remain undetected by approaching drivers. Drivers are typically cautious around snow and sleet, but if they do not realize that there is ice up ahead they may not take the necessary precautions., such as:

  • Always look for warning signs posted that alert drivers of ice patches or detours
  • Watch the vehicles ahead of you as a sign of ice up ahead
  • Avoid a particular lane if you see a vehicle slipping or sliding ahead
  • Look for shiny patches on the road that may indicate ice

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Safety Tips

If at all possible, it is of course ideal to avoid the bad weather altogether and stay put until it passes. Many times though it’s not possible to entirely avoid bad weather. If you must travel on the roads when temperatures are hovering at are below freezing and have not yet been treated with sand or salt, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep it slow. One of the greatest dangers to bad weather traffic is speed. By slowing down even just 10 miles per hour, you could drastically reduce your risk of losing control. Slow speeds also mean that in the event of an accident, the damage is likely to be much less severe.
  • Brake sparingly. Braking too often can actually cause more problems than it will solve. Reserve your braking for turns, and slow down and brake before the turn. Braking while turning could cause your wheels to lose traction and send your car careening out of control.
  • Steer into your slide. If your car begins to slide on ice, turn your steering wheel in the same direction that the rear of your car is sliding. This helps you to regain control of the vehicle and minimize spinning on the ice.

For More Information

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