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Car Accident Lawyer Article: “Car Accidents & Speeding”

This Car Accident Article was authored by Emery Ledger . Posts Provided by Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100;

There are millions of car accidents every year, and they entail tragic loss of lives. Apart from this, there is collateral loss of property and severe injuries to people which involve lots in terms of medical expenses. If we include the legal expenses involved in these cases, it amounts to billions of dollars every year to the exchequer.

One of the major reasons behind car accidents is over speeding which has no logic behind it. Almost 33% of all car accidents are believed to be due to speeding. If one tries to think about it, he can clearly see that it is only a few minutes that he can save if he drives at high speeds. But by doing so, he endangers the safety of all others and is 4 times more likely to do a car accident than he would if he were to drive at safe speeds. Certainly, anyone who applies logic will understand that a few minutes saved are not worth risking the lives of others on road.

What speeding does is to considerably reduce your reaction time, thus increasing the probability of a car accident many times. Also the severity of the car accident is much more than if it were to take place at normal speed. Speeding is fun, and OK if it was done on roads which were empty, but on highways, speeding can only invite trouble for the person and other drivers on the road.

Those who are habitual of driving at high speeds do it even in inclement weather, which further aggravates the situation. Slippery roads and impaired vision further increase the chances of a car accident.

There are many who feel time crunch when caught in a traffic jam, and try to speed up thereby putting others at risk. For such people, it is advisable to leave the home a little earlier to makeup for the time lost if they face a traffic jam. It is better to apologize to the person who you are going to meet rather than putting yourself and others at a risk.

Never forget to wear the seat belt. If you have the seat belt wrapped around you, even in the event of a car accident, you will survive and have minor injuries only. If you feel that you will get caught in a traffic jam, call up to check the condition of the traffic on the route, and if possible, change your route to save time. If you are not the one who speeds, you are a safe driver, but you can never be sure about others on road. So be prepared and remain alert to all situations on road. By taking all the precautions, you will safely reach your destination and are less likely to face and accident than those who try to drive at great speeds just for fun or to save a few extra minutes. Always stay clear of other cars and maintain a safe distance with the car ahead you so that you may be able to apply brakes in time

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