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Medical and Dental Malpractice in Rhode Island: “Diagnosing Oral Diseases”

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Whenever you go to get your teeth cleaned, you dentist has a responsibility to look for more than just plaque. Plaque build-up and other matters of oral hygiene are important to your health, but the mouth can indicate greater medical issues as well. Your dentist, dental hygienists, and nurses can be crucial in diagnosing more severe medical conditions like gum infections and even diabetes.

When your dentist is cleaning your mouth, it is crucial for them to look for other abnormalities. Your mouth can be an indicator of other health concerns in your body. One disease that all dentists should be on the lookout for is oral cancer. This development may be overlooked by the patient him or herself. Often velvety red or white spots develop that indicate the presence of this dangerous disease. Thankful, when oral cancer is diagnosed early, the disease is very treatable. But without the proper inspection or diagnosis, this disease can take a toll on your body.

Gum infections can also be a painful disease that your dentist should be quick to spot. An infection in your gums can cause bone loss. This dangerous infection can spread throughout your entire mouth if it is not spotted quickly. Thankfully, these types of infections can be treated and may not cause significant damage if treatment begins quickly. It is important for your dentist to look for signs of infection.

Finally, other non-oral diseases may show signs of their presence through symptoms in the mouth, including diabetes. Recent studies have linked inflammation in the gums and other signs to diabetes. If you dentist sees indications of abnormal swelling or irritation, it is important to get a proper diagnosis.

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