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Rhode Island Workers Compensation | Dangers of Repetitive Motion Injuries

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Repetitive motion and strain injuries have become an epidemic in America.. These injuries are seen in almost every field and are often very serious. Long work hours and repetitive jobs have caused millions of Americans pain and suffering. While some repetitive motion injuries can heal on their own with a little bit of time off work and therapy, other cases are serious enough to necessitate surgery.

Computer work is deceivingly dangerous. Non-specific arm pain and work-related upper limb disorders are seen in offices all over America. These can be caused by simply having the wrong chair at an office desk. Millions of people type for hours and hours a day, putting them at risk of conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are several ways that people can prevent these injuries. Ergonomic chairs, keyboards, keyboard-alternatives, and mouses have been carefully designed to prevent these conditions. Unfortunately, even if certain precautions are taken, minor repetitive motion and strain injuries may occur. The only way to prevent these conditions from becoming serious is to take a break and allow the injuries to heal before returning to work.

Repetitive motion injuries do not only occur in the smaller muscles of the hands and arms. Back injuries can cause extreme pain and may even result in an inability to perform any physically intensive work. By providing lifting assistance and allowing employees regular breaks, employers may be able to avoid these damaging injuries.

Fortunately, by employing safe work practices and taking frequent breaks, workers may be able to avoid these painful and sometimes debilitating injuries.

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