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Personal Injury Law Article |Common Dangerous Repetitive Behaviors

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It is Natural to fall into patterns of decision making and methods of accomplishing tasks. However, there are many physical forms of repetitiveness that can be extremely detrimental to your health. These are known as repetitive motions, and their related injuries can leave you physically disabled and incapable of performing the simple tasks you used to frequently take part in as part of your daily routines. By knowing what actions and behaviors are more likely to result in a repetitive motion injury or strain, you may be able to prevent yourself from suffering from dangerous and disabling injuries and conditions.

Risky Repetitive Actions

In your day-to-day activities there are a number of actions and rituals you practice which can put you at risk for falling victim to a serious strain or injury related to your repeated actions. These include the following:

  • Reading by looking down on your text, which can easily strain the neck
  • Frequent or excessive writing or drawing
  • Excessive use of the computer and keyboard without proper wrist and back support
  • Frequent side-to-side neck movement
  • Carrying heavy bags repeatedly on one shoulder
  • Frequently sleeping in unnatural positions, such as with the head forward in travel
  • Working where you perform the same actions repeatedly, such as in an assembly line

While many motions can become part of your personal actions in your home and during your recreational enjoyment, they are also likely to occur in relation to your employment. When repetitive motion injuries occur as the result of your job-related activities, it is imperative that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve to better recover from your injuries. Having the support of an experienced legal professional can assist you in this effort.

By David S Caldwell

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