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65K Injury verdict for School Bus Crash into Sinkhole in Providence, RI

In 2006, a Providence School Bus driver drove a school bus into a sinkhole. Thankfully no children were injured in this crash. The Injured Victim later hired a Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the City of Providence to recover for her injuries.

The Providence Journal reports that The Insurance Companies Attorneys argued that they should have been able to confront the bus accident victim regarding RI Workers Compensation that she obtained as a result of the accident.

WPRI reported that “According to evidence presented during a 2010 trial, the hole was created during a rain storm in April, 2006 when a patch placed on the road after some construction work failed, causing the front wheels of Morel’s bus to fall in.”

The Rhode Island Superior Court Justice ruled in favor of the bus accident victim and awarded her approximately 60k in damages to compensate her for her injuries.

The RI Supreme Court upheld the negligence verdict in favor of the injured Plaintiff. The Case is MOREL v. NAPOLITANO

The Rhode Island Supreme Court reasoned: “In Bookbinder, 109 R.I. at 357, 285 A.2d at 393, this Court held that the collateral-source rule was not an absolute bar to the introduction of evidence that the plaintiff was paid by an employer during a period of disability when the evidence was offered to show that the plaintiff was not disabled or was, in fact, working. In the case under review, the record indicates that the trial justice ruled that the evidence concerning Morel’s receipt of workers’ compensation benefits during her time out of work was inadmissible because it was not offered to disprove her disability or to establish that she was in fact working”

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