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Couple Both Charged with DWI After Swapping Seats!

Two Rhode Island Residents were charged with Drunk Driving in the same car arising out of a drunk driving Accident in Natick, Massachusetts. How could this be true? Surely, only one person could have been driving at the time of the Car Crash? Luckily, no one was injured as a result of this Massachusetts Auto Accident. The Metro West Daily News reported the following:

Both the boyfriend and Girlfriend who were passengers in the Motor Vehicle pointed the finger at the Girlfriend as the driver.  Presumably, they both accused the Girlfriend because the girlfriend had a few less cold ones. However, the police were suspicious of the story when evidence pointed to the girlfriend as the driver

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There were three major clues which lead police to the conclusion that the  drunk lovebirds story did not add up:

1) The police report indicated ““The seat was pushed far back, which was more consistent with a tall person driving,” Apparently the boyfriend was 6 4 and the girlfriend was 5 4.

2.) The boyfriend spilled a cold one all over himself and there was also beer on the driver’s side of the vehicle

3) The girlfriend’s shoes were found on the passenger’s side.

The Girlfriend was also charged with Drunk Driving because she was seated in the drivers side with the Keys in the ignition!

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