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Rhode Island Food Poisoning – Defusco Bakery Salmonella

Rhode Island Bakery Salmonella Food Poisoning Outbreak Linked to Death

DeFusco’s Bakery Salmonella Outbreak Hits 25 : Food Poison Journal

Major handwashing and food safety violations at Defusco’s bakery

Rhode Island Salmonella Outbreak Victims From DeFusco’s Bakery

Salmonella outbreak linked to zeppole from DeFusco’s Bakery in

Family says zeppoles made them sick

Bakery tied to salmonella outbreak ordered closed

RI News Digest: Bakery tied to illnesses remains closed

State orders samples from DeFusco’s employees

RI Health Department Takes New Steps in Pastry Recall

RI Health Dept. orders DeFusco’s Bakery to stay closed

DeFusco’s Bakery ordered to stay closed

2nd death occurs in RI salmonella outbreak

Lawsuit Filed in Rhode Island Salmonella Outbreak from DeFusco’s Zeppole

R.I. Salmonella Claims 2 Lives

2nd person dies in DeFusco salmonella outbreak

Second salmonella-associated death reported in Rhode Island

Second Death Reported in Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Tainted Zeppoles

Second salmonella-related death

Lawsuit Filed Against Rhode Island Bakery after Salmonella Outbreak

Food Safety: the week’s events

Salmonella cases believed tied to RI bakery at 56

Woman Whose Son Contracted Salmonella Sues DeFusco’s

Salmonella found in boxes at DeFusco’s

Salmonella victim sues RI bakery

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