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Rhode Island SUV Accident Attorney | The Importance of Roll Bars

This  SUV Rollover Accident article was written by James Witherspoon . This Auto Accident Article was reviewed and approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer, David Slepkow 401-437-1100.

In past decades, only racecars used roll bars to add extra support to their roofs. Since that time, many car companies have realized the benefits of these safety features and have added them to their vehicles. Unfortunately, some companies still have not embraced this concept.

This fact becomes increasingly troublesome when looking at sports utility vehicles as a whole. Many manufacturers neglect to add roll bars to their sports utility vehicles even though the design of these vehicles makes them more prone to rollover accidents.

Roll bars are metal structures that are attached to the base of a vehicle. Their purpose is to provide a rigid shell that reduces the chance of a roof crush or side panel collapse. This extra support protects vehicle occupants from potentially deadly crushing accidents.

One of the drawbacks to roll bars in the past might have been their unaesthetic nature or the design limitations of certain vehicles. With advancements in vehicle technology, however, these are essentially non issues, as manufacturers now incorporate these structures into the vehicle’s body.

Since sports utility vehicles in general are more prone to rollover accidents, failure to add these additional support structures may be seen as a design defect. As such, victims of rollover accidents who are injured because their vehicles lack roll bars may be entitled to financial compensation.

Individuals wishing to hold their vehicle manufacturers accountable for failing to incorporate roll bars into their vehicles are advised to seek experienced legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer who specializes in SUV rollover accidents.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a sport utility vehicle rollover accident because the vehicle lacked adequate protection and the roof crushed, discuss your legal rights and options with the SUV roof crush attorneys of The Willis Law Firm today.

James Witherspoon

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James Witherspoon

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