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The Basics of Expressive Aphasia | Head Injury Caused by RI Accident

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When a person sustains a serious blow to the head, the result can be a wide range of possible injuries that directly affect the brain’s ability to provide basic functions. This may include the production or reception of language, which, when lost, is known as a part of a disorder called aphasia. This language disorder can occur in a number of different capacities, and some sufferers can experience a loss of their ability to create fluent language. When this is type of aphasia occurs it can also be known as Broca’s aphasia or expressive aphasia.

The most notable symptom attached to Broca’s aphasia is a lack of grammatical language production, known more simply as agrammatism. This form of speaking is occasionally called telegraphic speech, as it resembles the choppy phrasing and lack of grammatical words that characterized telegraphs.

When individuals suffering from this disorder become aphasic, the result can be an elimination of basic words such as prepositions, articles, and, occasionally, conjunctions. This may leave a person with the basic ability to speak in disjointed nouns and verbs, occasionally not even including the proper morphemes, or special word modifiers such as plurals or past tense markers. Without these markers, a listener can vaguely understand aphasic speech, but may need contextual information to grasp some of the details.

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In addition to disjointed sentence construction, speech itself may become a labored event. People suffering from aphasia not only have problems creating complex language, but occasionally have issues producing that language as well. It is important to remember that this is a form of brain damage. The speech organs necessary to create these sentences and words are often undamaged, but the regions of the brain necessary to produce speech are compromised.

To learn more about aphasia, brain damage, and how negligence can cause this disorder, contact a personal injury lawyer.

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