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RI Personal injury Lawyer | “The Main Factors Behind Trucking Accidents”

(Below you will find an excellent Personal Injury and Truck Accident Law Article authored by David S Caldwell . This article is approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer, David Slepkow.)

Of all of the vehicles that you can get in an accident with while driving down the highway, none can cause as much damage and devastation as an 18 wheeler. The trucking industry causes thousands of fatalities on highways each year. You probably know the feeling. Most people who spend even a small amount of time on the highway have had some sort of close call with a giant truck.

Perhaps they whipped past you and you felt they were coming into your lane a bit; maybe they took a quick turn and the back of the truck almost hit your car; maybe they tried to pass you on a bridge and you felt that rush when you realized you could not bail onto the shoulder if you needed to. It is completely natural to feel uncomfortable or scarred around 18 wheelers, these massive contraptions weight far more than any other thing on the road, have significantly less visibility, less control and are driven so much they are constantly suffering from some sort of ware and tare to the body of the car or the engine.

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There are a number of reasons, such as the ones just mentioned, that can contribute to these metal beasts being the incredible road hazard that they are. But the equation that makes them downright deadly are the sum of the following:

• Tired drivers-truckers are paid by the trip. There is absolutely no incentive for them to not go as fast as possible down the highway in order to reach a destination and immediately pick up their next load. Because of this, it is not worth it for them to stop for food or even sleep in many instances. As a result, there are thousands of sleep deprived, hungry drivers operating enormous and unruly vehicles. The very nature of 18 wheelers should indicate that only the most competent people should be allowed to operate them, but as it currently is, people who are not mentally aware for good portions of the drive are operating them.

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• Wear and tare-trucks are literally driven into the ground. At any random time on long stretches of the highways you will see tire debris from these large trucks after blowouts.

• Difficulty operating

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