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RI Hit and Run Victim Captured by Police and Forced to Court

The Victim of a hit and Run Accident in Woonsocket was Physically detained, handcuffed  and seized by police as a result of a Rhode island Judges’ order. The Rhode Island Superior Court issued a “body attachment” for a women who apparently ignored a lawful subpoena from the court. In a rather unusual tactic, a victim of a very serious crime was essentially arrested.

R.I. hit-and-run victim forced into court to explain herself

Why was a victim of a serious crime forcibly detained by authorities?  The woman was seized to verify the authenticity of a letter of forgiveness to the criminal perpetrator. After a subphoena was apparently not complied with, the judge determined that a civil arrest was the best way to determine the letters authenticity.

R.I. hit-and-run victim forced into court to explain herself

In unusual move, Judge Vogel revokes plea deal | The Woonsocket

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