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Rhode Island Inadequate Security Attorney | RI Premises Liability Lawyers

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Inadequate Security is a specialized area of Premises Liability and Personal injury Law. Negligent Security cases in Rhode Island involve the failure of a business from implementing proper security for people who are invited onto the premises. These types of cases are pursued when such negligence fails to prevent a criminal act to a person lawfully on the property and such negligence causes an injury to a person. Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer

Businesses who could be liable for negligent security in Rhode Island include: supermarket,  stadiums, mall, shopping center, apartment building, motel / hotel, restaurants, condominium, entertainment centers and or bars

These RI Businesses can only be held liable if they owed a duty to the person to protect them against a criminal act of a third person and if the business failed to implement reasonable security measures against foreseeable risks. Proper security measures may include: lighting, security guards or personnel, proper and adequate locks et. If the business owner breaches a duty it owes to the business invitee by unreasonable security measures to deter crime then the business owner can be held liable.

Inadequate Security cases are one of the few examples when a person or entity can be held liable for a criminal act or assault by a third party. Inadequate or negligent cases can be pursued as a result of an assault and battery, rape, murder, robbery, drive by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, felony assault or any other type of crime. Please contact Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney David Slepkow concerning your RI Premises Liability case. 401-437-1100

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