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Rhode Island Car Accident Advice by a RI Personal Injury Attorney

Here are four crucial tips if you are injured in a Rhode Island Auto Accident. These tips were prepared by East Providence Car Crash Lawyer David Slepkow 401-437-1100:

1. Call the police immediately after the Rhode Island Auto Accident.  This is also the law in Rhode Island. The police report will be proof that the accident occurred and will document the cause of the auto accident. The Police report will document the name, insurance information and address of the person who was at fault as well as document the information of available witnesses.

2. Take pictures of all the cars involved in the accident. Make sure you take pictures before the cars are moved to the side of the road. Also take pictures of any bruises a day or two after the RI Car Accident. If you have a smart phone or video camera, take a video immediately after the crash

3. Get medical treatment immediately. If you wait too long after the accident, the insurance company may question your credibility as to whether you were actually injured in the accident.

4 Hire a Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer. If you represent yourself the insurance company will offer you a low ball offer to try to get rid of you.

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