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Retaining a RI Injury Attorney for Elevator & Escalator Accidents

Elevator & Escalator Accidents in Rhode IslancWithout a second thought, individuals get on elevators and escalators every day to transport between floors at shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hotels,  airports, apartment complexes and retail stores. Unfortunately, a simple malfunction can cause elevator and escalator accidents, leading to serious injury or death. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, elevator and escalator accidents cause more than 17,000 serious injuries and 30 fatalities every year.

Many victims of these Rhode Island accidents are customers, tenants and guests utilizing the facility. Other accident victims in rhode island and Providence Plantations are construction workers in charge of installing, maintaining and repairing the moving systems. Common types of injuries and deaths in accidents involving escalators and elevators occur from various situations including:

• A fall down an elevator shaft
• A collapsing elevator platform
• A fall and slippery surface while getting on or off the elevator/escalator
• A sudden stop
• An uneven surface when the elevator does not properly align as the doors open for ingress and egress
• Inadequate lighting
• Defective system regulators and controllers
• Escalator/elevator systems moving at excessive speed without warning
• Being caught in the moving part of an escalator
• A crushing injury caused by an elevator counterweight or doors closing to quickly
• Lack of maintenance or servicing that leads to damaged, worn and faulty equipment
• Missing certified inspections as required by the local municipality

Sustained Injuries in a Providence mishap

Defective, broken or malfunctioning escalators and elevators usually produce serious injuries. Victims often file a premises liability injury lawsuit or claim for compensation against every individual, business or entity at fault. Escalator accidents often occur when the rider catches a shoelace, shoe, or item of clothing in the moving floor or handrail system, or the space where the escalator meets the floor at either the top or the bottom. Typically, these types of personal injury cases involve serious harm including:

• Traumatic brain injury (TBI) or head trauma
• Amputated limb
• Paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia
• Spinal cord injury
• Injuries to the neck, hips, knees and back
• Injuries leading to a wrongful death

Accident Responsibility in Rhode Island

Escalator and elevators and commercial and private properties must be maintained by trained, experienced professionals. However, in many incidences, those in charge of maintaining shopping malls, office buildings and apartment complexes will hire a “handyman” without the experience, training or certification to perform maintenance, servicing and upkeep of the complex machinery. This effort to save money creates a hazardous environment that significantly contributes to causing an accident with injuries or death.

Nearly all escalator and elevator accidents  in RI are caused by some form of negligence, carelessness or recklessness of those in charge of the property. The irresponsible behavior and unacceptable neglect are often the direct causes of many preventable injuries involving escalator and elevator accident. Legally, the responsibility for the accident might include one or more individuals or companies in charge, including:

• Property owners
• Escalator and elevator manufacturers
• Service and maintenance companies
• Inspection company

Seeking Compensation in providence Superior Court

If you have suffered injuries or loss of a loved one in an escalator or elevator accident in Rhode Island , you are likely entitled to receive financial compensation from every party at fault. However, determining liability and which parties are responsible for the accident can be challenging and often requires the expertise of a reputable  Rhode Island personal injury attorney or RI personal injury lawyer. Hiring a  Warwick, Cranston or Woonsocket  Injury lawyer can ensure that you receive adequate recompense to cover all of your damages and losses including:

• Current and ongoing hospital expenses and medical bills
• Lost wages and loss of future earning potential
• Loss of enjoyment of living in daily life and performing normal activities
• Pain and suffering
• Funeral and burial costs in wrongful death lawsuits

Your reputable  Providence, Pawtucket or East Providence personal injury law firm will gather evidence, obtain security video when available and check local work records, inspection reports, certification and licensing on the moving system. The  RI elevator accident lawyers will gather documentation on all recommendations and proposals for repair on the unit that caused your injuries. Every operator, owner and maintenance company failing to routinely inspect and repair the system can be held legally liable for your injuries, damages and losses.

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