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“SUV Rollover Accident: How to Deal When You Get Into One”

(This is a nice SUV Rollover article authored by Mark van Tuel concerning Car Accidents. This article was approved by Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney David Slepkow)

SUV rollovers are considered as a very common type of car accident and one of the hardest to avoid because SUVs are naturally prone to accidents. Although SUV rollovers are difficult to prevent because of the high center of gravity of SUVs, rollovers can be prevented if drivers know how to take the necessary precautions when driving SUVs.

However, since accidents are often unexpected and difficult to completely avoid, the least you can do is prepare yourself for a possible rollover and know what to do in case you get into an SUV rollover accident. Dealing with an SUV rollover accident properly will help you save money and avoid all the stress and hassle caused by an SUV rollover accident.

Ensure Safety

Immediately after an SUV rollover accident, the first thing to do is to turn off the engine and check for accidents. However, since most rollovers send SUVs to an upside down position, carefully open the window and crawl out.

Then, since SUVs are usually used by families, most SUV car accidents involve several passengers. If you are traveling with a lot of passengers, quickly account for the condition of each passenger. If anyone is badly hurt, call for medical help immediately and wait for the paramedics to arrive before moving the injured victims. Any wrong movement can make the injuries more severe.

Call the Police

Once you are safely out of the vehicle and have called for medical attention, call the police and file a report. Give the authorities the full details of the accident. It is important to be completely honest and to try to be as accurate as possible when giving your report; this will help make sure the accident will be quickly resolved.

Look for Eyewitnesses

Then, before leaving the scene of the accident, look for eyewitnesses and, if possible, ask for their names and contact numbers. These can come in handy when further investigation is necessary, especially if there are other parties involved.

Call Your Agent

Next, go ahead and call your insurance agent. Let them know that you’ve been in an SUV rollover. In some cases, especially when physical injury is involved, you can ask for a settlement. Should investigation show that the accident was caused by the faulty construction of the vehicle, then your lawyer can advice you on the possibility of seeking a settlement. Every rollover accident is unique, so your lawyer needs your cooperation and requires all details of the accident before he will be able to give suitable advice.

In case there is a third party involved, it is essential that you seek legal advice to help you determine whether you were at fault or not. In case there is damage or physical injury, you and the other party may have to determine who is at fault to determine who will be held accountable for the damages and injuries. It would be helpful to consult a car accident lawyer or, if there are injuries involved, a car accident lawyer who specializes in physical injury.

Do: Drive your SUV safely. Since SUVs are prone to rollovers, exert a greater amount of care when driving one. Also, wear seatbelts and advise your passengers to do the same.

Don’t: Don’t drive too fast, as this tends to compromise the stability of an SUV more.

The Verdict

SUVs are popular choices among families because they can hold more passengers and also have space for baggage. Their larger and bulkier bodies also tend to make you feel safer and more stable. However, SUVs are very prone to accidents, so be extra careful while driving and find out how to deal with an SUV rollover accident.

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