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Q: Explain the RI Personal Injury Claims Process?

Your Providence Accident Lawyer will negotiate with the insurance adjuster to obtain the best Accident settlement possible.  The Lawyer will be required to provide the insurance company with documentation of medical bills, a copy of the police report, Proof of Prescription expenses, lost wages and proof of negligence.

If your Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer is unable to settle the auto accident claim with the insurance company then a lawsuit will be filed.

Please contact Providence Car Accident Lawyer, David Slepkow.

The Attorney will take depositions of crucial witnesses. Depositions normally are scheduled at  an Attorney’s office. You may have to provide document and answer a long list of questions supplied by the opposing Attorney. The other attorney may demand that you are examined by a doctor selected by the insurance company. (This is known as an IME, or Independent Medical Examination).

At any point during the RI Personal injury Litigation, the lawsuit may be settled. If the case is not settled then the case will go to trial.

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