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Providence Nightclub and Bar Accident Personal Injury Lawyer | RI Accident Attorney

Rhode Island businesses, nightclubs and bars owe a duty to their customers and invitees that the premises are safe for guests and employees and others who lawfully visit the property. Nightclubs and bars are required to take proper reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of their customers and staff. Please contact Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow at 401-437-1100 if you were injured at a nightclub, bar or lounge in Rhode Island

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If a person is injured as a result of the negligence of a bar, nightclub or restaurant, the person may be able to file a Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawsuit. This includes the negligence or conduct of the nightclub, bar or restaurants staff, employees, bouncers, wait staff (waiters and waitresses), cooks, chefs or bartenders.

When a restaurant, bar or nightclub patron gets hurt or is injured on the property, the injured person may have a viable personal injury claim against the business owner.

At Slepkow Slepkow & Associates Inc. we will do everything we can to get you the best settlement that you deserve. Please Contact Rhode Island Nightclub and Bouncer Assault Attorney David Slepkow 401-437-1100 if you:

  • Are injured in a slip and fall/ Trip and Fall or Premises Liability Accident at a Rhode Island bar nightclub or restaurant.
  • are assaulted by a bouncer  at a RI bar or Nightclub who was too aggressive or out of control
  • were assaulted or attacked by a third party but the facilities bouncers, security guards were either unresponsive, not helpful or were otherwise negligent.
  • injured as a result of a  drunk driving / dui/ dwi car accident  caused by a bar/ restaurant or nightclub over serving alcohol to a person who was visibly and obviously drunk.

Slepkow Slepkow & Associates Inc. has been helping clients for 80 years.  Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow  401-437-1100 has aggressively pursued premises liability accidents on behalf of his clients.

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