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In Brazen tactic, Prosecutors “strongarm” blackberry from RI Lawyer in COURT!

Update and Editors note 4/20/12:  Rhode Island Lawyer Ms Donna Uhlmann was charged with several felonies:

RI defense attorneys charged in bribery case –

RI defense attorneys charged in bribery case

Attorneys In Trouble With The Law |

RI Prosecutors reach a new low by a brazen seizure of a Respected Attorneys’ Cell Phone while she is in  Superior Court! It is not known  in what  way prosecutors will use the information saved on Ms Uhlmann’s phone. It is likely that this phone contains a treasure trove of  privileged juicy information on Ms Uhlmann’s clients and prospective clients.

In a brazen show of power, RI Prosecuters strongarm a Rhode Island Lawyer’s Smartphone inside a judge’s chambers. This unprecedented seizure of  Rhode Island Criminal Attorney,Donna Uhlmann’s blackberry gives prosecuters unfettered access to Ms. Uhlmann’s clients info. Prosecutors could use this information to press further prosecutions on Ms Uhlmann’s clients. This grab makes a mockery of the Attorney Client Privilege in Rhode Island.

BlackBerry belonging to RI lawyer seized –

BlackBerry belonging to RI lawyer seized | IT News Post

R.I. prosecutors seize defense lawyer’s cell phone in Providence

Controversy in court: AG’s office seizes attorney’s phone

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