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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Rhode Island

Q: What is the value of my Rhode Island Auto  Accident claim ?

At Slepkow Slepkow & Associates Inc. we consider many factors in determining the best value of your Rhode Island Automobile Accident Claim. If Liability is contested then the value of your case may be lower. Determining the value of a RI Personal Injury Claim is an art rather than a science.

In determining the value of a claim the Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer will look at the amount of medical bills, the severity of the injury, the amount of pain and suffering, the amount of lost wages and whether there is any permanency. The Lawyer will also evaluate any periods of partial and total disability and whether there was any scarring or disfigurement.  If there were surgeries or period of hospitalization then that will certainly increase the value of the case.

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The RI Car Accident Attorney will also look at whether there is any comparative negligence and how much insurance the at fault party has to pay the claim. There are many other factors that will go into the Lawyer’s assessment.

In some car accident cases, it is unclear which party is at fault for the Car Accident and the injuries are not serious. These types of RI Auto Accident case may have a low value. Some of these cases may not be worth litigating because of the time and expenses involved.

In other Personal injury cases, Liability is not in dispute and a victim has suffered very serious injuries They most important  factor in this type of case  is the amount of insurance the at fault party has.

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