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Filing a Fatal Truck Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit in RI

RI Truck Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Fatal truck accident in Rhode Island

The massive size of large rig commercial trucks and big rigs traveling at high speeds can cause catastrophic accidents / collisions with serious injuries and fatalities. Many of the nation’s highways  and Rhode island interstate highways are filled with truckers working tirelessly to maintain schedules and reach their destination on time. In many incidences, the trucker’s commitment to meet tight deadlines places the lives of others in danger of being involved in a fatal truck accident.

Common fatal truck wrongful death accidents

Common fatal truck wrongful death accidents involving problems with the truck, road conditions or weather hazards often occur because of circumstances including:

• A commercial vehicle jackknife
• Adverse weather conditions producing limited visibility
• Defective equipment, faulty brakes and bad tires
• Improper truck maintenance or lack of maintenance
• Falling debris
• Unsecured cargo
• Dangerous road surfaces

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), nearly 600 lives were lost in 2013 in fatal truck, semi truck and tractor trailer accidents on the nation’s highways, roadways and city streets. Compromised, malfunctioning or defective braking systems on big rigs and 18 wheelers are one of the leading factors in the majority of truck accidents. This is because loaded semi-trucks can take up to 40 percent more distance than a passenger vehicle to come to a complete stop, which can become even longer on slippery or wet road surfaces, or from poorly maintained brakes.

Fatal Truck  and Semi Accident Negligence in Rhode Island

Usually, the lives of commercial truckers  and tractor trailer truckers are spared during a collision with smaller passenger cars and pickup trucks. Most fatal truck accident in Rhode Islands take the lives of occupants in passenger automobiles / cars involving collisions with commercial vehicles. This is because of the vulnerability of occupants inside smaller vehicles such as automobiles(autos). Commercial trucks typically weigh up to 30 times more than a passenger vehicles/ cars and have a significantly higher ground clearance that can cause the car / automobile to ride under the truck during the crash.

Negligence is often a contributing factor in a high number of fatal truck accidents. By law, negligence is seen as a reckless  or careless action or inaction that causes damages, injuries or death to others. Common factors in most fatal truck accidents  and collisions involving negligence include:

Intoxication – Drinking while driving takes lives in many commercial truck accidents where the trucker or other motorist is operating the vehicle while intoxicated.

Fatigue – Many truckers drive long hours and are often fatigued when behind the wheel. Fatigue is caused by working under pressure in an effort to maintain schedules, and deliver loads on time.

Distracted Driving – Talking on the phone, texting while driving, reading email, speaking to passengers, eating, drinking and using electronic technology including MP3 players and GPS navigation systems can easily distract the trucker or passenger vehicle driver, leading to a fatal accident.

Lack of Driving Experience – Many fatal trucking accidents occur from a lack of proper training or operating a large truck without a commercial driver’s license.

Traffic Law Violation – Innocent victims can lose their lives or suffer serious injuries if the passenger vehicle motorist or commercial trucker violates a traffic law and causes a catastrophic accident.

Noncompliance of Trucking Regulations – To ensure their safety and the safety of others, truckers are required to follow federal, state and local trucking regulations and laws. Any noncompliance of trucking laws can compromise the safety of others on the road.

Hiring a Rhode Island  Truck accident Attorney

When negligence takes a life of a loved one in a fatal Pawtucket, Cranston or Warwick members have a legal right to seek financial compensation from all parties at fault for the death. However, wrongful death cases in Rhode Island involving commercial vehicles can be difficult to litigate. This is because trucking companies, truckers and insurance carriers will often redirect blame on the deceased victim in an effort to avoid paying out large sums of compensation. Because of that, surviving family members will often hire a skilled  RI wrongful death attorney who specializes in fatal accidents. Only the executor or the administrator of the estate utilizing a Rhode Island worngful death lawyer can file a deadly

A reputable RI truck accident lawyer 0r Providence wrongful death attorneys will investigate the accident scene, gather evidence, speak to eyewitnesses and build the case for recompense. These types of cases are handled on contingency. This means family members can avoid paying upfront fees to file a claim for financial compensation to cover all of their financial losses.


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