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Political Support for Newport Bridge Barriers as Fatal Crashes Continue

Bridge Barriers as crash preventionThere is quite a bit of political support for authorities to construct median barriers on the Newport Bridge in Newport Rhode Island. This increased pressure comes after three fatal accidents in approximately 48 months on the bridge.

Channel 10 reported “There is little room for error driving over the Newport Pell Bridge. One small mishap becomes a serious if not deadly accident.”

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The Newport RI City Council passed a resolution essentially pleading with the State authorities to build a barrier to save lives in the future. This resolution has no legal effect and can be completely ignored without repercussions since the Newport town Counsel has no jurisdiction over the matter. The Jamestown and Middletown RI Counsels have also pressured the state agency to take appropriate measures to resolve the problem to prevent automobile, truck or motorcycle collisions

The leader of the advocacy group, Mr Prior, stated ““It’s time for action and results….It is time for common sense to prevail. No more delays. No more excuses. No more deaths. No more carnage and heartache.”

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