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Rhode Island Dental Malpractice Attorney | Dental Malpractice

This Dental Malpractice Article was reviewed and approved by RI Personal Injury Lawyer, David Slepkow 401-437-1100. This Dental Malpractice Article was written by James Witherspoon.

Going to dentist can often be an uncomfortable experience. However, other than the occasional nick or pinch, more good is done in the dentist chair than harm. Dentists, like doctors, must adhere to the same professional standards and provide a optimal level of care to patients of all ages. Unfortunately, some dentists do not adhere to this professional responsibility and engage in certain forms of malpractice.

Even typical procedures like cleanings, cavity fillings, root canals or the placement of bridges or crowns can lead to serious complications that can have a profound impact on an individual’s life. Not only can it affect speech, taste and feeling in your mouth, you could also experience infections from unsanitary equipment or conditions. In addition to physical and emotional suffering, victims could experience financial hardships as well, by incurring lost wages due to missed work or high-cost medical bills to correct the complication’s results.

Common instances of dental malpractice including the following:

  • Injuries to sensitive nerves in the mouth or jaw, causing loss of sensation or taste
  • Complications from bridges or crowns
  • Failure to take accurate medical history, or take a history at all
  • Failure to detect oral cancer, gum disease, or other diseases in the mouth, teeth or gums
  • Complications or injury due to the use of anesthetic
  • Failure to extract the correct tooth or unnecessary extraction

Dentists or dental assistants who behave in a negligent manner should be held responsible for their reckless behavior on the job. Luckily, certain laws exist to protect patients from these actions and can help them get justice as a result. However, you should not try to pursue this case on your own. Experienced lawyers can make sure that your case is presented in the best and most accurate light in order for you to obtain the best result possible. In addition, while you are recovering from your injury and getting your life back on track, a lawyer can help with all of the paperwork and complicated processes involved in your lawsuit while you are nursed back to health.

To learn more about dental malpractice, or medical malpractice in general, visit the web site of the New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys of Levinson Axelrod. Turn this negative experience into a more positive one by making sure that these individuals cannot carry out the same negligent actions on another innocent patient. Do not let one more routine dentist visit be dangerous for another individual.a

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