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Non-Motorized Vehicle Accidents: Skateboards, Rollerblades

Common Non-Motorized Vehicle Accidents involving Autos & CarsIn recent years, the number of non-motorized vehicle accidents colliding with motor vehicles has increased significantly in Rhode Island and across the United states, causing substantial injuries and death. These  RI accidents include motor vehicle collisions involving children and adults on bicycles, skateboards and in-line skates.

Skateboard accident lawyer in Rhode Island

Of the more than 70,000 children and adults treated for head injuries and broken bones while using in-line skates and roller blades every year, thousands of these injuries occur in collisions with motor vehicles. Many wrongful death lawsuits in Rhode Island and Massachusetts involve skateboarders being hit by motorcycles, trucks and cars.

Claim for compensation against the responsible party

The high incident rate of motor vehicles hitting bicyclists even in broad daylight has caused adults and children to suffer serious injuries and death. Many of these Rhode Island  accidents are the result of negligence, where a claim for compensation against the responsible party is based on their:

• Careless driving
• Failure to obey signs and traffic signals
• Failure to use turning signals when making a right or left hand turn
• Distracted driving caused by texting, talking on the phone, drinking beverages, consuming food or speaking to others in the vehicle
• Reckless behavior at intersections
• Disregard for the rules of the road
• Vehicle defect
• Defective auto parts including malfunctioning brakes and faulty tires
• Driving while impaired including operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Rhode Island Wrongful death lawsuit against all responsible parties

Laws specifically protect pedestrians and other individuals anywhere along the side of the roadway. This includes pedestrians with strollers, skateboarders, roller-bladers, people on hand scooters, in wheelchairs, on tricycles or riding a bicycle. When an individual is killed through the negligence or reckless behavior of a Providence vehicle motorist, surviving family members acting through the executor of the estate can file a wrongful death lawsuit against all responsible parties.

Common Types of  Rhode Island Accidents

The most common types of accidents in Providence, Pawtucket, Barrington, Bristol and Warren involving bicyclists, roller-bladers,  skateboarders. wheelchairs and individuals traveling on in-line skates are the result of reckless or distracted driving. Other incidences In Rhode iIand include intersection collisions, motorists crossing into the pathway of non-vehicle traffic traveling in dedicated bike lanes and collisions involving open car doors. Many of these incidences happen without direct contact when motorist negligence or errors force others to take evasive actions.

Because of the lack of protective barriers, bicyclists, skateboarders, individuals in wheelchairs, in-line skaters and roller-bladers often suffer catastrophic injuries in motorized vehicle collisions. In many of these incidences, insurance carriers will attempt to divert responsibility to the individual injured in the case and away from their policyholder. These types of diversionary tactics are not only irresponsible but  may also considered bad faith.

The Value of the  Rhode island personal injury and bicycle accident case

Victims, parents of victims and surviving family members of a loved one who has died in a non-motorized vehicle accident such as a bicycle accident involving motorized vehicles often do not know the value of the case. They typically have concerns and serious questions as to how they can be compensated for their losses, damages and injuries. Common questions include:

How Much Is the Case Worth?
• Will I Be Compensated for Medical Expenses?
• Can I Recoup My Lost Wages?
• Why Is the Defendant’s Insurance Carrier Saying the Accident Was My Fault?
• Can I Still File a Claim If I Am the Victim of a Hit-And-Run Accident?

A skilled  Rhode Island personal injury lawyer experienced in handling  RI car accident cases involving non-motorized vehicles can answer these pertinent questions.

Hiring a Providence auto crash Attorney or a RI bicycle accident lawyer

If you have been seriously injured while operating in non-motorized vehicle by colliding with a motorized vehicle, you are likely entitled to file a claim for compensation in providence Superior Court. However, these cases are complex and often require the experience of a reputable East Providence , Warwick, Cranston or Woonsocket personal injury law firm.

A Cumberland, Lincoln or Wakefield negligence attorney can help protect your rights and perform a thorough investigation of the incident. This includes collecting police reports, interviewing witnesses, hiring expert professionals, photographing and inspecting the scene of the accident. Your Rhode island personal injury lawyer can determine every party at fault for your injuries and hold them legally accountable. This will ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve.


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