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Personal Injury Lawyer Settlement Calculator Help Video

If you were hurt in a car accident in Cincinnati, Ohio you may have seen a video by a cincinatti attorney on his youtube channel.


You may be familiar with searching for a specific video by hitting the video search button in Google or going through Youtube looking for videos. How many of you have ever seen a video on a topic you were searching for come up on page 1 in google organic search results? Although not every video reaches page 1 there are some that do. When you are trying to differentiate your business and reach consumers of legal services, video is one more way to reach potential clients.


The videos Anthony produces are primarily educational. He discusses questions and issues that he thinks are on the minds of personal injury victims. For example some of the titles of his videos are:


1. Three Deadly Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make

2. Trial of the Personal Injury Case – How to Put the Focus on Injury

3. How to Hire a great personal Injury Attorney

4. Insurance Company Quick Injury Settlement Dirty Trick

Anthony discussed with me some of the key things he felt were important in creating video. His tips were:

Talk about the clients problem not yourself,Keep the video less than two minutes,

Create a compelling title,

Let the potential client know how they can reach you

Be passionate

Recently he added an additional concept. Give potential clients something of value beside the video. Create a short white paper, article, or ebook that the potential clients can download from a link embedded in the video or in the description portion of the video. That way clients can have something they can read in five minutes giving them an even greater understanding about their problem. Here is an example:


If you want further information on damages recoverable in a Ohio personal injury claim you could download his ebook. You could also learn a little something about how damages in an insurance setttlement are calculated. Although, I think Anthony would be the first to tell you that if you have a serious injury talk with a experienced personal injury lawyer about what to do.


Also please realize that every State is different and every claim is different. I practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are nuances that make each case different and worthy of at least a consultation with an injury attorney. Also this is general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice.




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