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Rhode Island Child Accident Lawyer | Child Head Injuries

Children are vulnerable to injury and are particularly susceptible to dangerous brain injuries. Child head trauma is a leading cause of disability and death for children living in the United States, with about one million children injured each year and an estimated 165,000 child victims requiring hospitalization. A child injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault for your child’s brain injury as well as recover compensation for their medical bills and long-term expenses through a personal injury lawsuit.

Causes of Child Head Injuries

The greatest risk for a child to sustain a head injury is during an auto accident, such as a car crash or SUV rollover collision. But that is not the only source for traumatic brain injury in children. Listed below are several other incidents in which a child might suffer a serious head injury:

o Child pedestrian accident
o Bicycle accident
o Bathtub slip and fall
o Swimming pool or diving board accident
o Physical abuse
o Sledding, skiing or other sports/activities

If your child’s head injury was sustained during an accident or event caused by the negligence or malicious act of an individual, manufacturer or organization, you and your child victim might be eligible to file for a personal injury lawsuit.

Lasting Effects of Child Brain Injury

Because of the unpredictable and life-threatening nature of child head injuries, it is vital to always seek immediate medical attention in the event that your child has suffered any type of head trauma.

Beyond the immediate medical concerns, new scientific research by the American Psychological Association indicates that children who are the victims of brain injury can suffer the effects of the trauma for many years after the incident, with some symptoms not appearing until long after the initial damage has been done. The long-term effects of a child head injury can be mild to severe, depending on the accident and level of trauma involved. Listed below are a few complications commonly associated with child head injuries:

o Speech impairment
o Loss or change in senses
o Memory loss
o Headaches
o Learning disabilities
o Depression
o Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

These injuries can result in impeding your child’s natural brain development and may require long-term hospitalization or affect their ability to live independently later on in life. The medical costs associated with these types of brain injuries can be staggering.

It’s important for you as a parent to be aware of the long-term costs associated with your child’s brain injury as well as what legal recourse is available to you in order to secure the funds necessary to give your child the type and level of medical care they need and deserve.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Child Head Injury

A child head injury can have a negative and permanent impact on your child’s quality of life. A personal injury lawsuit can recover compensation for:

o Costly hospital and medical bills
o Emotional counseling
o Continuing care expenses
o Future loss of income
o Pain and suffering

If you are interested in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your injured child, contact a Rhode Island child injury lawyer that has experience in handling cases involving child brain injuries. A RI child brain injury lawyer can help you to determine issues of liability and legal responsibility in the case of your child’s head trauma.

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