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Top East Providence, Riverside & Rumford Personal Injury Lawyer

East Providence is an important urban area in Rhode Island with decent size population density. When many people live in a small region there is always a significantly higher opportunity for car accidents when many motorists are traveling in close quarters at varying speeds on the open highways. Commercial districts also have an above normal concentration of commercial vehicles such as tractor trailer rigs that also fill the highways.

Riverside and rumford auto acccident

East Providence injury lawyers

Truck accidents are some of the worst crashes on the highways when drivers lose control of the truck for whatever cause. The problem is not always human error by the driver when equipment malfunctions or a rig is overloaded unbeknownst to the operator. There are many reasons that accidents happen, which means that all accidents are unique in some aspect. The complicated nature of many car accidents also means that injured accident victims will always need solid representation by an East Providence car accident attorney to ensure a fair and equitable injury settlement.

Proving Negligence in an East Providence automobile accident

Establishing fault in a  Riverside RI car accident case is always central to the motor vehicle  collision claim, and the burden of proof is placed on the plaintiff and his or her legal counsel. The Rhode Island personal injury attorney must prove that an accident occurred that resulted in injury to their client, and that the injury was due to the negligence of the respondent party to some degree. The problem is, auto accidents are rarely caused by one single driver, especially when calamities occur on the highway or a chain-reaction crash is caused by certain material case factors. Some minor factors can have a major impact on who was actually at fault.

Comparative Fault in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island uses pure comparative negligence law, meaning that all drivers involved in an accident are assessed some level of negligence. After the comparative negligence percentage is determined, all injured parties are then eligible for some form of personal injury settlement discounted by their percentage. According to pure comparative application, even a driver who is 99% responsible for an accident can still receive 1% damages for injuries suffered. This also means that anyone involved in a vehicle accident of any magnitude will need to retain an experienced and effective East Providence car accident lawyer to handle their claim because all parties are potentially entitled to some form of financial recovery for pain-and-suffering.

“EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police are investigating an incident where a truck ran into an East Providence home early Thanksgiving morning. According to police, the crash happened on Tab Avenue around 4:30 a.m when the truck crashed into the basement of the residence. Authorities say nobody was in the basement when the crash happened and the driver and passenger in the truck were injured. Police say the driver is facing DUI charges.” wpri

Always Consult with a RI injury attorney

It is very important for all parties to an accident to consult with a legal professional who can investigate the potential claim value, including the chance that a product liability claim could exist. Many times there are negligent parties that the injured victim does not realize. If you were injured in an East Providence car accident, contact Riverside attorney David Slepkow.

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