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California Car Accident Law

California car accident law is designed to protect vehicle owners who have suffered damage in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver. Car accident law allows you to seek compensation in the following cases:

·     Broken bones

·     Head and neck injuries

·     Traumatic brain injuries

·     Spinal cord injuries

·     Injuries of internal organs

·     Burn injuries

·     Wrongful death


People must have some reason to file a lawsuit against another driver. For example, if a car accident has taken place with no one being injured and nothing being damaged, then it is worthless to file a lawsuit. Usually, it is worth filing a lawsuit if any of the following factors is present:

·     If the car accident has caused you huge material and/or body damage (broken bones, different kinds of injuries, death of a passenger)

·     If you think you have been misjudged by the insurance company and the fault for the accident is not yours

·     If you do not have insurance


Usually, when people want to get compensation from the car accident law, they should hire an attorney who will be able to deal with the case in the court. For example, there occur thousands of car accidents in the state of California yearly: these accidents are quite different from each other. Each of them needs a deep investigation of factors that affected it. So if you want to get compensation under California car accident law, then you will have to find a good lawyer who will be able to evaluate your case and file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Usually, lawyers take into account different factors that affected the car accident; however, the number one factor that should be measured is the negligence of the driver. Examples of negligence are:

·     Driving at too high a speed

·     Failing to follow traffic laws

·     Not maintaining a safe following distance

·     Driving after having taken drugs

·     Driving under the influence of alcohol

·     Driving when writing phone messages

·     Driving when doing other activities that may distract a driver’s attention

It should also be mentioned that for a person to be able to file a California car accident law lawsuit, it should not be over two years since the accident has taken place. So, if there has been a car accident and if you or someone you love has been injured, do not wait, call a car accident law lawyer, immediately.


Author bio:  The guest post was provided by Anna, a freelance writer that works for Margarian Law Firm.

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