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“Burns From Car Accidents”

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Most people that own vehicles depend on their cars and trucks for traveling to school, work, vacations, and even quick trips to the store. As much as these vehicles make our lives easier, they are also very dangerous. In fact, vehicular accidents claimed over 34,000 lives in 2008 alone. Besides blunt trauma and crushing force, people involved in car accidents must also worry about fires and burns.

In a recent study, car fires are the leading cause of fire-related deaths besides fires in residences. They cause an estimated 500 fatalities and 3,000 injuries per year, and they can be difficult to escape. Fires from vehicle accidents or problems can be the result of several different scenarios, including:

  • Mechanical or electrical system failures
  • Car crashes

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Cars contain a number of flammable materials, not to mention a tank full of gasoline. Additionally, cars also rely on flammable liquids such as coolants. Also, although they are not technically flammable liquids, some products can give off gases that are combustible. These include diesel fluid and motor oil.

Normally, combustible materials are kept away from sparks and other sources that may ignite the liquid or vapors, such as cigarette lighters, hot electrical wires like relays and distributors, and spark plugs. Sometimes, extreme heat can ignite flammable gases and liquids, including exhaust manifolds and systems. Additionally, if they containers for the flammable materials leak, they can lead to an explosion. For instance, if radiator coolant leaks, a fire can start in the engine compartment.

Sadly, vehicle fires, especially following collisions, are very difficult to escape. You can endure serious skin burns as well as smoke inhalation injuries to your lungs. Skin burns cause scars called contractures which typically cause restricted motion as your skin heals.

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If you have suffered in a vehicle fire due to a collision or auto defect, you should fight back against this dangerous act of negligence. To discuss your case, contact a Stevens Point accident attorney from Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., today.

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