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Auto Accident in RI | “All About Auto Accidents & Burn Injuries”

This Auto / car accident Article was authored by By Emery Ledger. This car accident Article was reviewed and approved by Rhode Island Auto Accident Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100.

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When it comes to auto accidents, the first thing that comes to mind is a severed vehicle on the side or across the road. This is not always the case. There are many forms of accidents some which are so minor that they go unnoticed. Taking the motor vehicle engine for example, there are so many features that can lead to accidents. However, the most common auto accidents involve burn injuries.

A burn injury is defined as the damage to the skin or any other body organ from contact with heat, electricity, radiation or chemicals. A vehicle has the capability to cause all this types of burns, which can range from first degree burns, to second degree, to third degree. Care should be taken when dealing with the mechanical parts of an auto mobile and especially the engine when the vehicle has been running for some time.

Essentially, burn injuries are caused by heat either from steam or the touch of hot metal. However, there are other causes which include radiation, chemical burns, electrical burns and inhalation burns which can be caused by the inhalation of car battery acid. Some people assume these factors only because they are not popular but the truth is they carry the intensity to drive you to the grave, while the vehicle stands in your garage.

Moreover, it is imperative to note the effects of severe burn injuries. For one, you can totally lose their sense of touch as they kill the sensory nerves, lose the ability to perspire, change your body appearance and even limit your body motions. It does not matter whether you can handle the pain or not, once these auto accidents occur, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How to treat burn injuries

Minor burn injury
In order to treat this condition, you will need to hold your burnt body part under running cold water. This should be done for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, if you do not have any running source of water, you can just soak it in cold water for the same period of time. Ice can make things worse so try as much as possible to avoid it. Ice will tend to stick on the burnt area and might lead to frostbite. After cooling the burn apply Aloe Vera or burn ointment and then wrap the burnt area with a sterile dry cloth or bandage.

Major burn
Some burns are serious and will require medical attention. Never use water to cool third degree burns, this might worsen the condition. Get rid of any watches, bracelets or rings from the body. The burnt areas are most likely going to swell. Cover the burnt area with sterile clean dry cloth and rush to the hospital.

It is advisable that you always use protective gear when dealing with a hot engine as well as volatile liquids like the battery acid. Moreover, it is advisable to always have the first aid kit and skills regarding burn injuries on your finger tips.

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