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Dracula Heads to Court in Queens, New York

Spotted today in Civil Court, Queens County: Dracula. Playing nice before taking a bite out of his victim. Reached by phone today — and who knew Dracula did interviews? –  he told me he did this once 5 or 6 years ago, and it was a big hit, so he has made it a tradition […]

I’m Changing My Blog (No More Mr. Nice Guy)

I started thinking of this two years ago on Halloween when I walked around the neighborhood with the Bogeyman.  Maybe, I’m just too nice. So I took a shot at Monster Energy drink and its monstery conduct. That felt good, but maybe I was still too nice. After all, when I put this blog up […]

Appellate Court Strikes Facebook Disclosure Order for “All” Records; Lower Court Forced to Do Review

A New York appellate court yesterday struck a lower court determination that all Facebook records had to be revealed in discovery in an auto accident lawsuit, and directed the lower court to restrict plaintiff’s Facebook information only to that which is “relevant, in that it contradicts or conflicts with plaintiff’s alleged restrictions, disabilities, and losses, and […]

Daily News Rips Me Off (Again) – Updated

This story has a sense of deja vu for me. It was two days ago that I wrote up the settlement of a lawsuit where the State of New York agreed to pay $1.2M for a prison death. Then today, 48 hours later, the Daily News runs the same story and calls it an “Exclusive.” […]

Rakofsky Moves to Add Yahoo!, TechDirt and Others to Defamation Action; Asks Sanctions Against Former Lawyer (Updated)

[This post was substantially updated on October 26th, with new documents added and more informaton on the new claims) Joseph Rakofsky has not, quite apparently, put away his shovel. He is still digging. (Synopsis of case and my opinions before becoming local counsel, here.) He has now filed a motion to amend the complaint a […]

25 Years Ago Today — Game 6, 1986 Wold Series

On the Mets opening day this year, I did an interview with Mike Sergio, who parachuted out of the Queens sky to land in Shea Stadium during a ballgame. Not just any ballgame, though, as this was the start, quite fortuitously, of one of the most famous games in baseball history . Today is the […]

New York State Settles Prison Death Case for $1.2M

A little bird chirped in my ear: Psst. I got a scoop. And so I do. This past April the New York Daily News wrote up the story of 29-year-old Brandon Jackson who was sent to Summit Shock Correctional Facility, a state run, boot camp style, detention center about 50 miles west of Albany. Two weeks […]

Court of Appeals Hears Argument On “Serious Injury” in NY Auto Cases (What Should They Do?)

The tangle of New York’s “serious injury” threshold in auto cases came before the state’s highest court yesterday, and the pending decision could hopefully abate the flood of summary judgment motion practice that is has inspired. Three cases were on the calendar, all trying to wrestle with ambiguous language created by the Legislature decades ago […]

Insurer Slammed For Bad Faith as Judge Cites “A Few Good Men”

Can you handle the truth? Just to make sure, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack opened his opinion yesterday — wherein he castigates a New York insurer for bad faith in settlement negotiations — by citing to the famous courtroom showdown in A Few Good Men in Taveras v. American Transit Ins. Co. Col. Jessup: […]

Actress Wants Anonymity in Suit Against Amazon for Revealing Age (This is Why She Won’t Keep It)

A Texas actress, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sued for revealing her age on the company’s Internet Movie Database. The claim? That Amazon poached her date of birth based on credit card information and published it on IMDb, and that revelations about her age have hindered her ability to get work as she […]

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