Truck Accident in RI | Recontructing Tractor Trailer Accidents

Reconstructing a Rhode Island Truck Accident can be important to determine liability for a Semi Truck accident.

A good personal Injury Lawyer in Rhode Island may hire a top truck accident Reconstruction expert.

It is crucial that the Truck accident Reconstruction expert use the correct calculation models since large trucks can be up to 40 tons in weight.

It is also important to analyze the configuration of a large truck. The configuration of a truck effects how the truck maneuvers and stops.

The Reconstruction expert must look at the following issues:

1)      analyze tire marks

2)      Did the truck and or Trailer have abs brakes?

3)      Weight distribution of the truck

4)      Did the truck’s brakes operate correctly

5)       Truck speed at the time of the accident


Your Rhode Island Truck Accident Attorney will work closely with the accident reconstruction expert to determine liability for the accident.


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